1995 – 2005 Demos & Compilations and other free music

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download The Killingtons 1995 - 2005 Demos & Compilations free

click the image to download this for free…you can also download the killingtons s/t and American Made EP


Influx Music had something up over last weekend…

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…expressing their love for The Killingtons. Click here to see and hear.


It’s done, they came and went.

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The two shows that would finally eulogise The Killingtons happened and in a blur they became a memory. They were a great success because of the many who turned out at Alex’s Bar in Long Beach and then The Glass House in Pomona.

The OC Weekly did a write up on their site for the Glass House show, click here to read and here to see the slide-show.

It also wouldn’t be a Killingtons show if there wasn’t a tripping-balls picture (thank you Justin Hische for this and for the use of your drum-kit. It was very much appreciated).

The Killingtons


One more day…

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It’s been a very long time since I’ve written something about The Killingtons.

This Friday and Sunday will be the proper end to a band that many had high hopes for, including myself. It will be a decade to the week that they played their first show without my stewardship, the Earth Day festival in Fullerton, California by the train hub. Shortly after that Michél left and then Chris, then Mitch, leaving just JK. There never was a final show, they just stopped playing. I won’t go further into that because you can read the history here on the website or speak to the lads at either of the shows. But, I will say it was fun, with all the ups and downs there was a lot a great memories.

Chris will tell you that I was apprehensive about these shows when he first mentioned the idea, and he was right. The band was a topic of contention for me and to be honest I thought too much time had passed. Much respect to Chris for bringing this all to fruition and to Alex Hernandez and Jon Halperin for the use of their venues.

And so this Friday and Sunday will be that end, first in their hometown of Long Beach and then onto the Glass House in Pomona, a venue that was kind to the alternative scene in the early part of the last decade. Hopefully tomorrow and then Sunday will allow this quartet to ride off into the sunset and be that great memory of our youth.

One last thing, I want to say thank you to Brian DeRose, Jeff Gade, Mike Vavak and Daniel Hennessy for the blood, sweat and tears of their youth for this band. What they did was immense and largely unknown to the masses but were a definitive entity to this band.

Much love, Bill Hatem.


Poster for the Glasshouse show.

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The killingtons and Teen Heroes @ the Glasshouse Pomona CA April 25th 2010


Alex’s Bar info

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Fri, Apr 23, 2010 – The Killingtons, The Valley Arena, Forcefield ON – $10

Killingtons live at alex's bar long beach ca april 23rd 2010

Alex’s bar info


How does that song go again?

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The Killingtons per-practice april 18, 2010


Glasshouse info

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Here is the information for the Glasshouse show (04/25/10): The Killingtons, Teen Heroes, Jeff Caudill from Gameface (acoustic) and Michael Rosas from Smile (acoustic). This is an ALL AGES event, tickets will be $10 and go on sell this Saturday (03/06/10) via Ticketfly


So it is happening…

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It has been spoken in whispers for some time now, but today it became official. The Killingtons will re-gather or reunite for two shows in late April. The first show will be in our home town of Long Beach at Alex’s Bar, with the second at the Glasshouse in Pomona. Thus far the Valley Arena are scheduled to join us at Alex’s Bar and the Teen Heroes will come along for the ride to Pomona. Yes, you indeed read correctly. Teen Heroes will perform.

Watch this space…



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It was decided that there should be an archive for everything that was The Killingtons. I’ve noticed that for anyone to get information on the band you had to scour the Internet. The goal for this site is to gather all that was The Killingtons and place it in a central hub – this website. As time goes on we hope everything Killingtons related; music, artwork, photographs, and stories can be placed here. If you have something to contribute please let us know. Thank you, CDM.